Winter 2012 Performance Palooza!

This Thursday, December 6, 2012, the SQL PASS Performance Virtual Chapter will be holding online sessions all day long in an the first ever Performance Palooza!.  There are  eight one-hour online sessions, covering a variety of performance related topics.  It is a fantastic speaker line-up, of which I feel privileged to be part of.  All times below are UTC/GMT time.  More details can be found at the Virtual Chapter website.


Time (GMT) Session
16:00 Title: Recompile or Reuse? Making the Most of Plan CacheSpeaker: Kalen Delaney
17:00 Title: Troubleshooting SQL Server with SysInternals ToolsSpeaker: Argenis Fernandez
18:00 Title: Troubleshooting Query Plan Quality IssuesSpeaker: Joe Sack
19:00 Title: 12 Steps to Workload TuningSpeaker: John Sterrett
20:00 Title: Effective Index Partitioning & Compression StrategiesSpeaker: Neil Hambly
21:00 Title: Understanding Transaction Isolation LevelsSpeaker: Randy Knight
22:00 Title: SQL Server 2012 Column Store IndexSpeaker: Kevin Boles
23:00 Title:Virtualizing Business Critical SQL ServersSpeaker: David Klee
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