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In 2010, after 20+ years in the technology industry, I set out to create a world class consulting firm and in October of that year SSG was born. What I love most about what I do, and what we have created at SSG, is solving the seemingly insurmountable puzzles and problems. I was once called the “database whisperer” by a customer. In addition to 25 years’ experience with SQL Server, I am a Microsoft Certified Master, and Microsoft and Novell Certified Trainer. Prior to founding SSG, I was the Database Administrator for Fidelity Investments, EverCom Systems, and Verizon. I was at match.com as the Technical Architect for six years, and also Senior Database Engineer for the LDS Church. I’ve done lots of fun stuff in my career. The most “interesting” data I’ve worked with was at match.com just because it’s so different. I also really enjoy taking part in and presenting at SQL Server events nationwide including SQLSaturday, User Groups, SQL PASS Rally and SQL PASS Summit.

Boss: Can I have a new Windows workstation? And, some Chocolatey with that?

One of the things I end up having to do quite often is set up a windows workstation for my daily use.  In many cases, customers prefer that we use a jump box or even a physical machine on their network/domain to access their servers.  With all the various tools and things we have at […]

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Three Perspectives: PASS Summit

The memory is still fresh from attending the 2019 PASS Summit just a few weeks ago, so here we share our three experiences with you. While we mostly came for the three days of knowledge, sharing and networking opportunities, we also came for the camaraderie and celebration of SQL Solutions Group. Our main office is […]

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Rethinking RBAR

Much has been written about the performance implications of the dreaded RBAR, a term coined by Jeff Moden many years ago.  I won’t rehash any of that here other than to say that in almost all cases, set operations are faster and more efficient than RBAR. So we spend a lot of time teaching (or […]

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Strangest Things in SQL Server, Part 2

Strangest Things Pt 2: 505 executions per second
I’ve been a SQL Server DBA for more than 20 years and have spent the last 10 of those consulting.  When you’ve been doing this for as long as I have, there’s not a lot of new issues that come up that you haven’t seen before.  Which is […]

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The Strangest Things we’ve seen in SQL Server

You think Demogorgons and Mind Flayers are hard to deal with? Compared to some strange things we’ve seen in SQL Server databases, they’re a walk in the park. 
Most of the time, SQL Server is a wonderful, robust platform that can handle mountains of data, support all sorts of apps, and generally make life easier. Until […]

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Security Configuration for Linked Servers

A few years ago I published an article about how to use linked servers to avoid performance issues. I wanted to follow up on that with a discussion of linked server security configuration because this is another big issue I see all too often with linked servers.

The first thing to understand is that all linked […]

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SQLIntersection In Orlando–Why Wouldn’t You?

Orlando in April, and then you add SQL on top of that? What’s not to like?

I’m really excited to be part of the Spring SQLIntersection event, coming up April 18-21 at the Walt Disney World Swan. SSG was an exhibitor at the Spring 2015 event, and at the Vegas event last fall, I had the […]

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Participation Trophies: Is Showing Up Enough?

As you may have heard, Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison recently decided to not allow his sons to keep participation trophies they had received from, apparently, Next Level. For Harrison, and his kids, only earned trophies will be kept.

The idea of awarding every child, regardless of talent or contribution, a trophy or medal for merely […]

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A Tale of Two DBAs: A Cautionary Tale

“It was the best of database consulting times…it was the worst of database consulting times…” 

One of the most common things we do here at SSG is help new customers who have hired us because they have run into big problems, usually performance related. In many of these cases, there is either no DBA on staff […]

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T-SQL Tuesday #61–Giving Back

The topic for this month’s T-SQL Tuesday (Giving Back to the SQL Server Community) is one that is near and dear to me so I figured this would be a great way to finally get started participating in T-SQL Tuesday. Blogging is something I haven’t been very consistent with so I guess my first commitment […]

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