SQL Server Emergencies Happen.

We’re prepared to respond to them. 

Even if there isn’t an emergency today, bookmark this page for when disaster strikes.

When you have a database emergency, you need to put out the fire, now.

SQL Solutions Group is here to solve any data crisis you’re facing. 

We get that you don’t have the time to hunt around for a solution, and our experts are on-call to assist you. If you’re in need of fast fixes that get to the root of the issue and stop them from returning, we can help. 

Take our SQL 911 Response Assessment to help us qualify your needs, and we’ll deliver a custom solution to get you back online, ASAP. 

Lightning-fast response times in as little as 1 hour

Our team alerts you
every step of the way

Always on-call
SQL Experts ready to help

Diagnose issues with our Diagnostic Toolkit

Platform Stability with Unparalleled Scalability

Master-level Expertise

Many MSPs offer a constantly changing line up of consultants. Chances are they have varying skill levels, and many of them aren’t on-shore. We don’t hire overseas talent to increase our margins. Every consultant working on your data is a senior database administrator, and we’re proud to say employee satisfaction has lead to high retention. This gives you a level of personal commitment and continuity in your database services that many MSPs just can’t deliver.

Transparency & Accountability

SSG brings proven processes to the relationship and the tools to facilitate them. We also communicate with you throughout your engagement to give you peace of mind in your data ecosystem.