Looking for Your Next Challenge?

Join the SQL Solutions Group team.

Bored in Your Current Role?

Maybe you’re a Senior DBA, or a data architect, and your current position is becoming too paint-by-numbers. You’re involved in the SQL community, and you get jealous seeing the interesting issues your peers work through. You want what they have: new challenges.

Are You Ready to Become a Trusted Advisor?

Being a consultant isn’t for everyone. It takes technical skill, sure, but this isn’t a ‘clock in, clock out’ job on autopilot. We want people who are:

Agile & Adaptable

It’s not enough to wear multiple hats—you need to be able to juggle them. You may dig into one project for a month, but also switch between several clients in a morning. All deserve your full attention and effort.

Forward-thinking & Value-oriented

Many clients first come to us for Health Checks and 911 emergency database service. As a consultant, you have to solve immediate issues, and offer proactive solutions that will save clients grief down the road. You don’t just put out fires, you add value for our clients.

Personable & a Natural Presenter

A lot of tech jobs undervalue ‘soft’ skills. But we think being able to genuinely connect with clients and colleagues alike—especially when working remotely—is critical to your success as a consultant. You need to be able to explain complex situations to clients who have varying technical knowledge, confident in your ability to speak simply and without condescension.

Who We Are

Everyone says that they’re passionate about technology. If you really mean it, we can offer you the perfect role. We’re independent people who like to take problems apart and inspect every piece to come up with creative solutions. If you like noodling around to find answers to questions that change every day, you will find yourself supported by a crowd of great, like-minded people if you join SQL Solutions Group.

You’re Ready to Reach Your Full Potential

If you have the right skills and attitude, want to hear from you.