Your Data—Always Available & Infinitely Scalable

We handle the SQL Servers, so your data can always keep up.

You Just Want Your SQL Server to Work

As your technology becomes more complex and the amount of data you’re working with grows, performance and scalability issues are inevitable. You just need servers that can keep up with this growth.

But without proper management of your database environment, you end up spending your days firefighting instead of working on projects that you’re passionate about and that move your business forward.

Platform Stability with Unparalleled Scalability

Dealing with daily crises can distract you from the optimization your databases really need.
We clear the path so you can move forward, faster.


Stop outages, work interruptions and critical fails. With SSG, we identify your availability issues and protect you from future disruptions.


Is your database performing far below peak efficiency? Experiencing slow queries and bottlenecks? There isn’t a performance issue we can’t fix.


Think you’re ready to migrate to the cloud? It’s not only a question of how you get there but also what you do once you’re there. We’ll assess your needs and walk you through your options.

Remote DBA
Managed Services

You don’t need to do it alone.

If you’re not ready to invest in a full-time Database Administrator or if you need highly skilled assistance with your database issues, our Remote DBA managed service is right for you.

We tailor our service to your company’s needs. You specify how many instances per month need monitoring, your ideal response time SLA, and even whether you want 24/7 access to our team.


Our team has seen it all.

Run into an issue that’s stumping your team? Our combined decades of Microsoft-certified experience make us the ideal resource when you’re in a jam.

When it comes to SQL Server, there’s nothing we can’t figure out. Engage us hourly and we’ll have your system back on track.

Health Check

An essential first step.

It’s easy to jump straight to fixes, but they don’t always have the desired effect. To begin making the right changes to your server estate, you need to take a closer look at exactly what is going on.

We’ll identify the problem codes slowing things down, and ensure that your system is secure. We’ll also create a picture of your readiness for system upgrades, cloud migrations and more.

SQL Coaching

Become your own best expert.

Your team doesn’t lack talent, it just needs the benefit of more experience.

Our Database Consultants have dozens of years of combined database experience—we’ve seen the scariest of SQL Server situations and found solutions that work. Let us share our experiences with your team with coaching that will give them the confidence they need to tackle your next emergency.

Emergencies Happen.
Consider Us 911

When you need it fixed, now.

When it really hits the fan, you don’t have the time to hunt around for a solution. You need fast fixes that get to the root of the issue and gets your server performing exactly as you need it.

We’ll drop everything to come to your rescue, because we understand not everything can wait ’til Monday.

We're Here to Help

You’re ready to make a change, and we’re here to
tell you that there is a solution.