I’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately speakng at SQL Saturday events.  This last weekend it was my great pleasure to speak at Utah Code Camp, a local event.  Not only was it nice to be local, but I really enjoyed the code camp.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to stay all day as I had some other things going on as I have been gone a lot of Saturdays lately but I rally enjoyed the time I was there.  I prepared a new session for the event, which I am also doing at SQL Saturday in Chicago this weekend (3/26).  The session is titled “Hierarchical data in my database?  Understanding SQL Server XML Features”.  It is a quick overview of the various ways to get XML in and out of SQL Server, the T-SQL XQuery implementation, etc.  A new session is always a bit worrisome as no matter how much you prepare and practice, you’re not real sure how the timing will go.  But it seemed to go well, I had several positive comments from attendees afterwards, and I finished with about 5 minutes to spare.  So not a bad first outing at all.