SQLIntersection In Orlando–Why Wouldn’t You?

Orlando in April, and then you add SQL on top of that? What’s not to like?

I’m really excited to be part of the Spring SQLIntersection event, coming up April 18-21 at the Walt Disney World Swan. SSG was an exhibitor at the Spring 2015 event, and at the Vegas event last fall, I had the pleasure of speaking.

This event is really starting to get off the ground, and the speaker line-up is definitely impressive. All the speakers bring their A-games and attendees of all levels will learn from the best. See all the sessions and workshops at the event.

For this event, I have two 300-level sessions that I hope you can attend:

Locks, Blocks, and Deadlocks, Oh My!
Managing concurrency is one of the most challenging aspects of working with any enterprise DBMS. Too many issues that manifest as performance issues are in fact concurrency management issues. There is much confusion out there about locks, blocks, and deadlocks. In this demo heavy session, I will help clear up the confusion. 

Understanding Transaction Isolation Levels
SQL Server offers several isolation levels beyond the default “READ COMMITTED”. But understanding when to use each one can be daunting. Whether you are a developer who needs to understand how isolation works and why NOLOCK is not an appropriate directive in most cases, or a seasoned DBA who needs to understand the less commonly used isolation methods, this session is for you. We will look at each level, how it impacts the engine, and examines appropriate (and inappropriate) use cases for each. We’ll also take a brief look at the In-Memory OLTP feature introduced in SQL 2014 and greatly enhanced in 2016 and how that fits into the mix.

We have a lot of fun in my sessions and my listeners learn a lot too.

So come to Orlando. Bring the whole family and let them play with Mickey and Goofy while you imbibe mass quantities of SQL goodness. And, I’ll even save you $50 off your registration. Just use the promo code KNIGHT and you’ll see a reduction on your final cost. You’re welcome!

Register now!

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