Utah Code Camp Spring 2012

This last Saturday was the most recent iteration of Utah Code Camp  and I have to say it was a resounding success.  In addition to speaking, I was invited to participate in an “Ask a DBA” panel discussion and also had the opportunity to have SQL Solutions Group sponsor the event.  So it was a busy day.

My first session was the last one before lunch and is one of my favorites to give.  But it worked in Dev!  SQL Server Performance for Developers is always a lively session with good discussion.  Given that this was a code camp, the audience was almost all developers so it worked out great.  Based on the discussions both during and after the session, I am confident more than a few developers will be looking at their SQL more closely than they did before.  There was one participant who was actually pretty shaken up when learning what “NOLOCK” really does and does not do.  I think I may have ruined his weekend but as they say, forewarned is forearmed.

Thanks to Platinum Sponsor Domo, we had a great lunch catered by Famous Dave’s.  Then it was on to afternoon sessions.  I finished the day participating in a panel discussion of DBA’s called “Ask a DBA”.  This was an informal session with DBA’s representing SQL Server, Oracle, and mySQL.  Most of the attendees were SQL Server users so that is where the discussion seemed to focus but it was great hearing the contrast between the systems anyway.  There were some great questions regarding scalability (up vs. out), NoSQL, and many others. Kudos to Pat Wright for putting this together.

The most impressive thing about this Code Camp was the attendance.  I believe 380 was the offical count and that is almost double what they had last year.  As a sponsor, this was fantastic as we had a ton of people come by the booth and made some good contacts, both as prospective clients and as prospective consultants.  Since the gating factor for the growth of my business has been more in relation to having the consultants to do the work than in having enough work to do, this part is important.

Thanks to the folks at Utah Geek Events who as always, did a fantastic job putting on the event.




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