The Strangest Things we’ve seen in SQL Server

strangest things in sql server

You think Demogorgons and Mind Flayers are hard to deal with? Compared to some strange things we’ve seen in SQL Server databases, they’re a walk in the park. 

Most of the time, SQL Server is a wonderful, robust platform that can handle mountains of data, support all sorts of apps, and generally make life easier. Until it doesn’t.

And when it doesn’t, it’s most often because of strange choices made by users:  bad configuration, bad tuning, bad queries, bad monitoring and maintenance, bad all around. And it’s not because the people are bad. Most of the time these are honest, well-intentioned…and strange decisions.

The good news is that we can help you avoid these same mistakes. Over the coming weeks, we’ll outline for you some of the strangest things we’ve ever seen in SQL Server, the negative impact they have, and how you can avoid them and stay out of the Data Driven Upside Down.

Friends don’t lie and we’ll give you the lowdown. So grab your nail-studded bat and join us next week for our first installment … a stored procedure being called seven times a millisecond.  That’s not a typo.  SEVEN times a millisecond,  24×7.  That’s almost 605 MILLION executions per day.  Truth is stranger than fiction.

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