How we do SQL Server Consulting

There are usually two reasons companies come to us for SQL Server consulting: they’re facing an emergency and need help, fast; or performance has gone sharply south and they know something is wrong but don’t know how to fix it, or even what to fix.

Looked at this way, it’s really just one reason: pain.

Pain, such as what you experience when customers can’t order from you or your team can’t work, is a strong motivator. The usual response is to find help, fast. That’s why we’re used to going to work, fast.

With decades of combined experience in SQL Server, SSG consultants know databases inside and out. We like to say it’s hard to surprise us because we’ve worked with clients of all sizes across numerous industries. When you’re in crisis mode, all you have to do is point us in the right direction, and we get busy solving your problem and easing your pain.

When you are not in crisis mode, we start with our 750-point Health Check. We validate your best practices, code, and database design. We also ensure you’re performing proper maintenance on your systems to prevent problems before they occur.

Once the Health Check is complete, you meet with one of our consultants and receive a report highlighting issues with your environment, and the necessary remedial actions. Sometimes our clients handle some fixes, leaving the rest to us; or, we do it all.

After we address all issues revealed by the Health Check, our clients often opt for our Remote DBA managed service — especially when they don’t have an in-house DBA. This allows clients to focus on their business as we take care of the servers. With Remote DBA, our clients have a US-based senior consultant to keep two eyes on their instances.

Sometimes clients come to us without being in pain; they just need help with SQL Server initiatives, such as Verathon. We like these challenges too, such as:

  • SQL data estate architecture
  • Installations
  • Migrations (on-premises, cloud, or hybrid)
  • Upgrades
  • Backups and restores
  • Availability Groups
  • Security management

By leveraging SQL Server consulting from SSG, you can trust that your data systems are operating at peak efficiency. Let’s talk about your SQL needs.

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