PowerShell at FreeCon

Powershell at the FreeConWe are getting ready to host a day of training on Oct. 27th to celebrate our 5th birthday. This is the SSG FREECON—it’s free and it’s tied to a conference!

Seattle is the place for PASS Summit 2015 and that is where our FreeCon will be. Registration is hereMore information is here. This training is not an official part of the Summit, but the training will be officially good. Below is a little detail of what I will be speaking on.

Practical PowerShell for the DBA
Think of all the tools you use in managing your SQL Servers. All those SQL Servers being managed by tools and man that is a lot of clicks. We will show practical scripts and techniques to help you get a handle on all those clicks. Whether you are gathering data or statistics from your SQL Servers or deploying an object to all of them. Configuration items are not excluded from the need for good tools. PowerShell is that tool that will let you get away from all those clicks. Reusable scripts that let you manage all those instances with ease. This session will give you a great start on how to think about admin tasks using PowerShell scripts or modules. Many items are already out there to help you and we will take a good look.

I hope you will join us for a great FreeCon before the Summit starts.

Happy PowerShelling!

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