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I have been in IT for over 25 years. I started with Data Entry, being involved from Systems Engineering all the way to Database Architect. I am a Microsoft Certified Master in SQL Server and have worked for many different firms in the Database area, including 7 years at Microsoft. I am also a Microsoft SQL Server MVP and I lead the Utah County SQL Server User Group inside the PASS organization. I love to teach and present and find myself presenting at SQLSaturdays across the country. It’s very rewarding to be in those settings, and seeing someone’s eyes light up really adds to my passion for the technology. I love databases and to take a sick database and make it fast, efficient and happy again rocks my world. Some of the most rewarding work I’ve done was at Microsoft with automating sites and creating tools internally that saved millions in man hours and without causing layoffs.

PowerShell at FreeCon

We are getting ready to host a day of training on Oct. 27th to celebrate our 5th birthday. This is the SSG FREECON—it’s free and it’s tied to a conference!

Seattle is the place for PASS Summit 2015 and that is where our FreeCon will be. Registration is here. More information is here. This training is not an official […]

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When is Max Memory in SQL Server not Max Memory?

When thinking about configuration parameters for SQL Server, one of the first ones to look at is the sp_configure option ‘max server memory’.  In versions up to SQL Server 2008 R2, max memory referred to physical memory. The versions indicated that the max memory that it could use was 64GB (note: SQL 2008 R2 and […]

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