Here at SQL Solutions Group we strive for excellence with our consultants. We also encourage our consultants to be mindful and involved of the SQL Community. It is important to us that we have individuals striving to help within the community in whatever capacity is possible to them. For some of our consultants this means that they contribute via writing blog posts, articles, or books. Sometimes this contribution may mean that the consultant is volunteering at a local event. In some cases, we will see that a consultant runs a user group or presents at various events throughout the SQL Community.

Any level of involvement has a measurable impact. Not only is it good for the community, but it is also good for the consultant. When a consultant becomes involved in the community, the consultant gains quite a bit. The consultant grows in knowledge and reputation (hopefully for the better). This level of involvement is a refining process for the consultants. It makes them better consultants (generally), and better people (again generally speaking). I say this because the person learns to give a little more of themselves and the person gains quite a bit of knowledge that s/he might not have had otherwise.

When a consultant is busy with community ventures, there is seldom any recognition for it.  There is no reward other than the personal growth and friendships that are formed. On rare occasion there is some recognition. This recognition might come from a vendor, community member, event organizer, or even from the product in which the consultant is primarily entrenched. Vendors and software manufacturers view this as evangelizing their product. Sometimes they like it and do like to show a little appreciation with public recognition for efforts made.

Jason Brimhall

Jason Brimhall

So it is with great pleasure that we congratulate one of our consultants for a very recent recognition he has received.  Please join us in congratulating Jason Brimhall for recently being named as an MVP for SQL Server and being the second consultant at SQL Solutions Group to be named as such.  This reflects on him as well as it does for SQL Solutions Group. Microsoft feels that he has gone above and beyond the call of duty to help teach SQL Server and help within the SQL Server community wherever he could.

You can discover more about Jason on our Team page as well as from his personal blog.