Getting Back to a Rhythm of SQL Events

Over the years, we have been eager participants and supporters of SQLSaturday, PASS Summit, user group events, etc. We value the opportunity these SQL events give us to share our knowledge, learn from others, connect (or reconnect) and network with colleagues, and generally enjoy our associations within the SQL community.

In the spring of 2020, we were set to speak at and co-sponsor several SQLSaturday events: British Columbia, Spokane, Orange County, Redmond, Los Angeles. We had presentations lined up, swag giveaways ready, travel arranged…and then COVID….

In so many areas of life, well beyond SQL events or events in general, you don’t need us to tell you that the last 15 months have been highly unusual. With that in mind, we are thrilled to see some normality on the events scene.

Thanks, Redgate

For some of that normality, we praise Redgate for stepping in and stepping up to bring back the best bits of PASS—Summit and SQLSaturday. PASS Data Community Summit this fall will be virtual, and while you may be entirely fed up with virtual events (we feel your pain), going virtual is a key reason why this event is free. That will enable many more SQL professionals to join who otherwise couldn’t. We’re looking forward to participating at Summit, hopefully as presenters, and definitely as attendees (fingers crossed for our hopeful speakers). To help get you in the mood, you can access the 15 most-viewed sessions from last year’s Virtual Summit, absolutely free.

At the time of writing, there are currently no upcoming SQLSaturday events on the calendar. But the virtual Los Angeles SQLSaturday was earlier this month, and we’re sure to see more events posted soon. As restrictions loosen and more people opt for the vaccine or otherwise feel comfortable in crowds, we’ll see more in-person events on the schedule.

Still (and maybe ironically, given our line of business), we expect a lot of events will utilize a hybrid model: in person for anyone who wants to be there, with a virtual element for anyone who wants to participate at a distance. But we’re pretty sure many are eager to be there in person.

More SQLSaturdays

Our good friend Steve Jones wrote in May, “I’m tired of virtual events. I can’t wait to see people and shake hands, get a hug, or just wave with the elbow bump.” Do you feel the same way? Host an event! In April, Steve encouraged everyone to do a SQLSaturday event this year. Why not? You can do in-person, virtual, or hybrid, and it doesn’t have to be complex. Steve suggests 2-3 tracks and 4-5 sessions each. In the May post, he even offered to help organizers find a broadcast platform if you need one, and pledged support with “small amounts of funding if needed.”

Consider this a push to get back to SQL events, if you haven’t already. At SQL Solutions Group, we’ve filled the event vacuum with a series of SQL Server webinars going back to October. Our next one is a unique offering: A virtual SQL Server Summer BBQ, with the chance to ask our pros (including a Microsoft Certified Master) your pressing SQL questions.

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