Capture SQL Server VLF information using a DMV

While reading a summary from Brent Ozar on a SQL Server VLF problem highlighting a very well written article on how VLF could affect SQL Server performance by David Levy, I tried to find a more modern solution other than relying on an old-school DBCC LOGINFO.
Good news: Microsoft created a sys.dm_db_log_info DMV and even provided some recommendations on what a good number […]

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Don’t fall in love with features you won’t use

As 2009 dawned, I was shopping for a new (read: used) car. The one I drove most of the time was, at this point, 14 years old.

I was focused on one brand and one model, but I was soon entranced by a different model from that brand—in fact, it was the top of the line. […]

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Google’s Cloud SQL for Microsoft SQL Server

In late July, Google announced the alpha release of Cloud SQL for Microsoft SQL Server and positioned it as a way for enterprises to “experience fully managed SQL Server with built-in high availability and backup capability” in the cloud.
The specs Google outlined for Cloud SQL are nothing to sneeze at:

Up to 30 TB of storage
Up […]

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How to check if Always Encrypted is available and in-use

Recently I had to work with a client that moved its infrastructure between servers (side-by-side upgrade). Always Encrypted was used on a previous server and I was tasked to make sure its all good on a new server.
This feature (available in SQL Server 2016 SP1 Standard Edition and up) is end-to-end encryption that allows clients […]

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The Finished Product: Framework, pt. 5

We now have a finished T-SQL framework, and this is the last post of the series. We start with the complete Template (with the error engine, activity log and batching). In this post, we’ll examine each new segment and focus on the batching feature, explain what is going on and the necessity.
The finished Template:

The Input […]

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T-SQL Batching: Framework, pt. 4

In this fourth installment of the framework series, we will add a T-SQL batching feature to our existing framework we have developed in earlier installments of this series. This feature set is dependent on the work we have previously, done. If you have not been following along, please go back so that everything will work […]

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The T-SQL Activity Log: Framework, pt. 3

This segment of the framework builds onto what we have already created in Part 2 of the T-SQL Framework. That post showed you how to build the Error Engine, or build in tasks to do our error handling for us. In building the T-SQL Activity Log, we will leverage some of the structures and processes […]

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Strangest Things, Pt. 3: Linked Servers in SQL

As a consultant, you experience different environments, with different architectures, different skill sets, and different processes. Usually there’s just one thing in common: They have serious issues that need immediate attention. Such as using linked servers in SQL.
Once a consultant has some experience under his or her belt, one can usually see symptoms that can […]

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The SQL Error Engine: Framework, pt. 2

Building the SQL Error Engine
In this second post focused on a T-SQL framework (find part one here), we will build the plumbing to leverage our first feature of the framework, the error engine. This feature  will runs like an engine and do the manual work we do not want to do. To make it dynamic, […]

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What is a SQL framework, Part 1

We can define a framework in two simple ways:

An environment with tools to work with.
A scaffold around which we can build an application.

These definitions sound simple in an abstract way, but what is a SQL framework? How will it help me, and do I have to use one? 
For the questions “what is a SQL framework?” […]

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