A Faster Way to Migrate SQL Server Instances!

I have had to migrate SQL Server instances many times over the years. Sometimes as part of an upgrade from one version to another, and other times just to move to new/bigger better hardware. In my current situation, the client wants to virtualize all of their SQL Server instances. Most of their database servers are already virtualized, […]

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Inspecting Power BI performance

This blog post is going to discuss inspection of Power BI performance when you use Power BI Gateway to push data to PowerBI.com service.
I am going to assume here that you are not new to PowerBI. I am also going to assume that you skipped PowerBI Report Server (which requires a hefty Software Assurance $$$) […]

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The times we live in

This is not the kind of blog post I ever expected to write for SQL Solutions Group, because it has nothing to do with technology or business or what we do here at SSG. It has everything to do with who we are as people and how we relate to others. You could say it’s […]

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How TCP Chimney Offloading Affects SQL Server

TCP Chimney Offload transfers network traffic workload processing from the CPU to a network adapter that supports TCP Chimney Offload. This feature was introduced with Windows Server 2003 SP2, and it was called the Microsoft Scalable Networking Pack (SNP). Since Windows Server 2008, these features are a base part of these operating systems, so they […]

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How to ensure that all the SSRS features are working while using Always On Availability Groups OR have an RSExecRole as a default


This blog post addresses SSRS on Always On and RSExecRole. To make sure I’m staying laser focused on this topic, I need to cover some fundamentals.
SSRS installation (SQL Server 2017 and later)
Starting from SQL Server 2017, Microsoft decided to separate SSRS from a SQL Server installation container (ISO). Keeping the pros and cons of this […]

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What happened to SQL Server Data Tools in SQL Server 2014?

I’ve seen this question a few times and it is something that can be very confusing: You’ve installed SQL 2014 (a full version, not Express) and selected all components, yet when you go to your SQL Server 2014 program group, you can’t find SQL Server Data Tools.

In all versions of SQL Server between 2005 and […]

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Impostorism: It’s (mostly) Okay if You Feel Like a Fraud

I’m a loserI’m a loserAnd I’m not what I appear to be
— John Lennon

As a SQL Server or other IT professional, do you ever feel like you’re doing it with smoke and mirrors? Do you fear you’ll soon be exposed as a pretender? Do you feel like a fraud, merely acting in your role? You’re […]

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Linked Server in SQL Server: the good, the bad, and the way to make it perfect!

One of the all-time best performing posts on our blog is from Randy Knight and outlines how to use Linked Servers the right way. In this post from Steve Rezhener, he shows how OPENQUERY can make all the difference with Linked Servers.
Introduction (the good)
If you are not familiar with a linked server concept in SQL […]

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Working with the registry in SQL Server

There is a lot of information within the Windows registry. Sometimes, it would sure be nice to work with the registry in SQL Server through your T-SQL scripts. As it turns out, there are several undocumented extended stored procedures in SQL Server that do just this. A listing of these procedures are:










As you can see, […]

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Social distancing in IT: Five tips to make working from home work for you

So, it’s here: a global pandemic impacting billions around the globe and changing the ways we live, work, and interact with each other. Our new normal, for an unknown length of time, is all about social distancing and that means working from home for many of us.

At SSG, this is nothing new to us, and […]

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