“The Accidental DBA.” That almost sounds like the name of a movie. In our experience, if it were a movie, “The Accidental DBA” would probably be a horror flick.accidental dba

That’s because, too often, people with some sort of technical background are asked to take on DBA responsibilities without having a DBA skill set. It’s kinda like asking the tight end to play wide receiver. Some of the skills translate, and a few can handle it, like Jimmy Graham or Rob Gronkowski.

But as our president, Randy Knight, explained in a blog post, these accidental DBAs usually muddle along for a bit, oblivious to best practices…and then something goes wrong. After all, your databases aren’t going to automatically stay healthy just because you’re “too small to fail.”

When an accidental DBA runs the show, we have seen:

  • Application upgrades running for three days
  • Loss of critical company data due to misunderstanding of backups
  • Database corruption
  • Performance degradations that developers and sys admins won’t be able to solve
  • And other scary situations

SQL Solutions Group is who you call when things get scary. When the lights go down and the car runs out of gas in a creepy forest and the spooky music starts, that’s when you want us on your speed dial. And, thankfully, we can help even before things get scary too.

You might think you’re too small to need a DBA, or you’re not ready for a DBA, or you can’t afford a DBA. Such situations are the perfect fit for our remote DBA managed service. At a fraction of the cost of a full-time DBA, we can manage, monitor, and maintain your databases. This gives you not only peace of mind, but also the bandwidth to focus on other, more important tasks.

Why trust your systems to anyone but the experts? With SSG, you’ll know that your data and systems are in good hands.