Fight The Weeds

Spring time means tuning up the lawn mower, digging out the pruning shears, and testing the sprinklers (at least in Utah, where we can’t rely on Mother Nature to water our yards).

I take a certain amount of pride in having a great-looking lawn, and achieving that without using one of those lawn care companies. As I’ve given my attention to caring for my grass, one thing that has become quite obvious to me in recent years is that, to get weeds (mostly dandelions), you just have to do…nothing. While I have to work at having an attractive, groomed lawn, the weeds pop up all on their own. That means I need to be proactive and take steps to fight the weeds. Otherwise, they’ll take over.

What do weeds have to do with SQL Server?

One thing that has really impressed me about the SQL community is the regular schedule of SQLSaturday, user group, and other similar events all over the planet that give people the chance to further their SQL skills and knowledge. Events like these go a long way to preventing the mental weeds of ignorance, apathy, or complacency. Attending events and keeping up on your knowledge and technique is great not just for the here-and-now, but could also do wonders for your long-term career outlook.

So take my advice: don’t let the weeds win. Take advantage of these events. Many highly qualified and highly knowledgeable SQL experts are ready to help you. Be proactive, and get involved with SQL events. There is bound to be one happening near you soon. And there’s a good chance you’ll see us there too!

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