Trust: A Business Essential

trustAn unexpected conversation recently led to a concept that my mind kept going back to: business moves at the speed of trust. Turns out that’s not a very original idea—The Speed of Trust is the name of a book by Stephen M.R. Covey.

Regardless of who came up with the idea, trust is obviously essential in business. If you don’t trust your business partners to live up to agreements, you won’t enter into those agreements. If you don’t trust employees to do their work honestly and effectively, you won’t hire them—or you’ll micromanage them until they all quit. And if employees don’t trust their leaders and don’t feel safe, there will be miniscule risk taking and little innovation (see this thought-provoking Ted Talk from Simon Sinek).

So what makes SQL Solutions Group a company you can trust? There are three key reasons.

Certified SQL Knowledge
With three Microsoft Certified Masters on our team, we know SQL Server. It’s in our blood! Beyond best practices and “nice to know” techniques, we can dig into your hairiest SQL issues and give you priceless peace-of-mind where your data is concerned. You can trust our knowledge.

SSG has been great to work with. They continue to help us with disk performance and corruption issues that would have taken us down for days. I feel 100% confident when working with SSG that they will resolve any issue we face.

Bryan Evans, Application Development Manager at Orbit Irrigation

Deep Experience
Our SQL Server consultants have more than 60 years’ combined experience working with companies of all sizes and across industries—including Fortune 500 companies. We have seen and done it all—migrations, installations, consolidations, upgrades, SSIS–SSMS–SSRS, data modeling, system architecture, and more. You can trust our experience.

We continue to work with SSG because they have proven they have the expertise and commitment. With SSG’s help, my team and I can focus on projects instead of trying to keep the database running.

Randy and his team are the best around! Without a doubt, partnering with SSG is one of the best decisions we’ve made.

Alexandr Anaya, IT Director at Northwestern Management 

Supporting the SQL Community
The SQL community is a sharing, collaborative group of professionals. At SSG, we are more than happy to share our experiences and hard-won insights with anyone willing to listen. We frequently present at SQLSaturday events around (and sometimes outside of) the country. We share useful blog posts, here and on individual Consultant blog sites, that provide hands-on examples of how to tackle problems and get the most out of SQL Server. A company so eager to further the understanding and mastery of SQL will surely be a valuable partner. You can trust our passion for SQL and our spirit of giving back!

Comments from SQLSaturday Attendees

“Best of four sessions for me today!”
“Very good presenter and presentation. Very knowledgeable and communicated the subject well.”
“Great presenter, a wealth of knowledge and helpful information.”
“Excellent demos, very informative”
“Although slightly above my head, it was extremely informative. The session gave me a jumping point to play around in management studio.”

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