Forrester on Benefits of Outsourcing Database Administration

A new report from Forrester Research, Inc., “Outsourcing Database Administration Saves Money, Improves IT Productivity” concludes that moving the DBA function to a third-party provider is the way to go for almost all businesses.

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Forrester states the problem thus:

Although DBMS technology has improved in automation over the years, provisioning and administering databases for application development remains a bottleneck, largely because of lack of database administration (DBA) and system resources, limited IT budget, complexity of IT infrastructure, and lack of priority to enterprise databases. As a result, many enterprises are struggling with new application development to innovate, remain competitive, and deliver improved services in the age of the customer.

Forrester then concludes:

Outsourcing database administration overcomes these application and business challenges by supplementing existing DBA staff to perform day-to-day administration activities, lower cost of administration, and improve the quality of service. It enables business to innovate, focusing on business issues rather than deal with technology challenges.

Remote DBA

This reasoning is exactly why SQL Solutions Group offers Remote Database Administration services. Outsourcing database admin functions almost always saves a company money. In nominal terms, the average salary for a full-time DBA is nearly $90,000. This doesn’t account for overhead, taxes, holidays, benefits, and more that push the real cost closer to $150,000 annually. For the kind of senior, certified staff you’ll find at SSG, that figure would be much higher.

Firms don’t have to invest big dollars in a full-time DBA. They can enjoy the advantage of exceptionally experienced and qualified consultants addressing database needs. And, they get it at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated Database Administrator.

But don’t take our word for it. The Forrester report concludes with this insight:

Outsourcing offers so many business and technology benefits that can help make databases more efficient, secure, integrated, and available, besides lower cost of administration. […] Firms that invest in outsourcing database administration are more likely to respond quickly to business needs and competitive threats, save money, grow faster than their competitors and deliver innovative products and services.

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