Orbit Irrigation: “I feel 100% confident when working with SSG that they will resolve any issue we face.”

The case study below was submitted by Bryan Evans, Application Development Manager at Orbit Irrigation

small orbitBrief description of Orbit and SQL Server usage environment: Orbit is the world leader in manufacturing and supplying irrigation, misting, and home improvement products to homeowners in forty countries across five continents. We use SQL for business-critical applications and reporting.

Why did Orbit choose SQL Solutions Group for its database needs?
SSG came highly recommended from the organizer of SQL Saturday. We were facing a significant performance issue within our point-of-sale database and needed outside help to resolve the issue.

Describe the scope of the work SQL Solutions Group undertook for Orbit.
SSG came in and did a health check and overall system review with us. We found there were many underlying problems in our SQL environment, causing significant performance issues.  SSG helped us map out a course of action and we started to see improvements immediately.

Our SQL environment became stable and we gained significant performance on reports and forms.

How did the project help Orbit be more competitive and/or productive?
We don’t have a fulltime DBA on staff, so it is difficult for us to maintain our SQL environment.  Having SSG working for us freed up valuable time for my developers to focus on what they excelled at, rather than trying to manage and upgrade SQL.

What kind of ROI did you realize from the work done by SQL Solutions Group?
Our ROI is found in uptime. We were able to keep our SQL environment up and running with little down time.

What would you tell a company that was considering using the services of SQL Solutions Group?
SSG has been great to work with. They continue to help us with disk performance and corruption issues that would have taken us down for days. I feel 100% confident when working with SSG that they will resolve any issue we face.

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