SQL Server Anti-Patterns & T-SQL Common Mistakes

Wednesday, March 20
2 p.m. Eastern
On Microsoft Teams

Consistent patterns of behavior by T-SQL developers that cause big performance problems are what we call antipatterns. These can include User Defined Functions, Subqueries within IN statements, nested objects and other practices that obfuscate code and make troubleshooting a nightmare.

Just say no to antipatterns and other T-SQL common mistakes!

In this webinar, SSG Founder and Principal Consultant Randy Knight, and Senior Consultant Rich Benner, will show you these common mistakes … and what to do instead.

About Randy Knight
Randy founded SQL Solutions Group in October 2010, after more than 20 years in the technology industry. Randy has a passion for solving what can seem to others to be insurmountable problems. His prowess with SQL Server earned him the label “database whisperer” from one satisfied customer. He is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Master in SQL Server 2008. In 2020 he completed certification for Azure Fundamentals. In addition, he has numerous Novell, Microsoft, and Cisco legacy certifications.

Prior to founding SSG, he spent many years as a Database Administrator in a variety of industries, including financial services, telecommunications, and with well-known dot com properties. As a data professional, Randy says he has done lots of fun stuff, encountering most interesting data during his time as database architect for match.com (and no, he didn’t meet his wife while working there).

About Rich Benner
Rich is a Senior Consultant with SQL Solutions Group and a performance tuning specialist. With 16 years of experience, Rich has seen a lot of issues in the wild and wants to help you avoid making those same mistakes.