PASS Data Community Summit 2024 — Rich Benner

SQL Solutions Group Senior Consultant Rich Benner will present at PASS Data Community Summit 2024, where data professionals connect, share, and learn with peers and industry leaders, and covers topics such as Analytics, Architecture, Database Management, Development and Professional Development on a variety of data platforms, including Microsoft, AWS, Google, PostgreSQL, and more.

Rich’s topic is SQL 2022 and Columnstore Index Enhancements

Columnstore Indexes have long been the unsung heroes of SQL Server, quietly boosting query performance and compressing data with unparalleled efficiency. Now, in SQL 2022, they’ve been taken up a level with the ordered clustered columnstore and improved segment elimination. So, grab your favorite data mug, settle into your virtual seat, and get ready to learn as we uncover the secrets of SQL 2022’s Columnstore Index enhancements. Whether you’re a data guru or a SQL newbie, this demo-heavy presentation promises to help you leverage these new features.

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