BROWZ: “We haven’t seen anyone else provide the level of consistent expertise SSG does”

The case study below was submitted by Derek Borgert, Chief Technology Officer at BROWZ, LLC 

Description of BROWZ and SQL Server usage environment:SQL Solutions group helps BROWZ
BROWZ is a third-party compliance SAAS company. We use SQL Server as our backend database and also use SQL Reporting Services as our reporting engine.

Why did BROWZ choose SQL Solutions Group for its database needs?
It was really a combination of location, expertise and personal touch. We wanted someone who “got” what BROWZ was about and was willing to work with us in a flexible fashion. We weren’t looking for just a monitoring solution but someone who were SQL experts and we felt Randy and team were a good fit.

Describe the scope of the work SQL Solutions Group undertook for BROWZ.
SSG really has turned into our remote DBAs. We use them for everything from architectural guidance, to performance tuning, to day-to-day M&S support for more complex issues. Most recently we engaged SSG to help us migrate from SQL 2008 to SQL 2012 with encryption.

What were the outcomes of this work?
The project has gone well and they have been around for every step of the trip. They knew our environment from a SQL standpoint, probably better than we did. SSG helped provide guidance on the overall approach including hardware specifications, network configurations, and migration strategy. The BROWZ team is pretty strong—but it was great having some outside expertise to confirm direction and also provide some additional expertise. We did all the environments as part of the upgrade and actually just completed the production migration this past week.

What else has SQL Solutions Group helped with?
We have engaged SSG to help with a few performance issues that were complex in nature. By engaging the team, it allowed the BROWZ team to focus on the core application components, while letting SSG really focus on the backend performance. SSG’s ability to help tune the system has really led to a significant improvement on the overall performance.

How has SSG help BROWZ be more competitive and productive?
It allowed us to focus on our core competencies, while giving expertise in all areas. We probably don’t have the need for a full-time DBA,  so this provides the best of both worlds.

What kind of ROI did you realize from the work done by SQL Solutions Group?
More than an ROI—it really allows me a more flexible budget without sacrificing quality. This allows me to look at work as being more project based, while still allowing BROWZ to have DBA expertise when called upon.

What would you tell a company that was considering using the services of SQL Solutions Group?
Smart move! At the end of the day what I like best about SSG and Randy is that I know they have the expertise but they are also dependable business partners. I trust their input, but also know that if something goes wrong,  they will be there to help us figure out the issue and get it resolved. We haven’t seen anyone else provide the level of consistent expertise SSG does.

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