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I'm a database professional enthusiastic about the Microsoft BI stack. I started my IT career trying to outsmart Excel using VBA, then on to VB 6, VB.NET, C# and then developed a passion for SQL Server 2005 and related tools. My lunch menu for 10+ years consisted of SSIS & SSRS with some occasional SSAS for breakfast. I'm super excited about the innovation baked into AWS, Azure, PowerBI, and SQL Server 2017. I hold relics such as MCITP Microsoft certifications on SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008. I'm also the organizer of SQL Saturday in Los Angeles (#SQLSatLA), LA Data Platform (aka SQLMalibu) and a frequent SQLSaturday speaker. When not dealing with data, I fix a kitchen, plays an XBOX and enjoys my kids.

How to deploy SSIS packages using SSDT from an untrusted domain

To deploy SSIS packages from SSDT to SSISDB, using Integration Services Deployment Wizard is one of the simplest and interactive ways. All you have to do is to right-click the package and click on Deploy, go through a few menus and you are done.
Unfortunately, SSIS is too bound to an Active Directory and would only […]

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Capture SQL Server VLF information using a DMV

While reading a summary from Brent Ozar on a SQL Server VLF problem highlighting a very well written article on how VLF could affect SQL Server performance by David Levy, I tried to find a more modern solution other than relying on an old-school DBCC LOGINFO.
Good news: Microsoft created a sys.dm_db_log_info DMV and even provided some recommendations on what a good number […]

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How to check if Always Encrypted is available and in-use

Recently I had to work with a client that moved its infrastructure between servers (side-by-side upgrade). Always Encrypted was used on a previous server and I was tasked to make sure its all good on a new server.
This feature (available in SQL Server 2016 SP1 Standard Edition and up) is end-to-end encryption that allows clients […]

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