You Can’t Put a Price on Peace of Mind

You don’t have to accept bad SQL performance, and you don’t have to wait for problems to blow up on you! Identify SQL performance issues with a SQL Health Check from SQL Solutions Group.

With each Health Check, our Microsoft Certified Master will analyze the current state of your servers with a 750-point assessment. After our review, you receive an actionable plan of improvements for SQL performance tuning and to fix the SQL issues you probably don’t even know about.

Our clients typically experience an exponential improvement in performance following a Health Check. What would a huge improvement like that mean to your business and your SQL investment?

Don’t settle for slowdowns and bottlenecks or invest thousands in hardware upgrades you likely don’t need. Use the form below to submit your information or contact us here. Find out how we can help you with a SQL Health Check.

We are a full-service SQL Server consultancy and a Silver-level Microsoft Partner for the Data Platform, with all operations in the United States. For 10 years, we have been supporting clients in numerous industries and helping them identify and solve their SQL Server challenges. We are the solution to all of your SQL needs.

Each 750-point Health Check from SSG includes:

• OS and SQL Server version check
• Software patch review
• SQL configuration review
• Security audit
• Hardware analysis
• Audit of maintenance actions
• Database sizing analysis
• Back-up and recovery audit
• Review of non-default settings
• I/O benchmarking and analysis
• Index usage review
• Verify checks for DB corruption
• Query performance analysis
• Database ownership review
• msbd maintenance best practices
• Performance tuning
• Review alerting configuration
• Post-assessment report

And much more!

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