April Webinar: SQL Server Query Store

Dealing with some SQL Server performance issues but you’re not exactly sure where the bottleneck is? Struggling to effectively troubleshoot and get things back on track?

Sounds like you need to be using Query Store.

Since its introduction in SQL Server 2016, Query Store has been a DBA life-saver … for those who actually use it. This feature is an ideal tool for solving performance issues and finding performance differences caused by query plan changes.

And Query Store isn’t just reactive. It keeps DBAs ready for times when performances issues pop up. It captures data to help us dive in as soon as issues occur, so we can “go back in time” to review possible issues we didn’t see.

In this webinar, Senior Consultant Daniel Maenle  provides an in-depth look at the Query Store and how using it can make your life as a DBA dramatically better.


Daniel embraces everything SQL has to offer. He enjoys performance tuning and likes talking about all aspects of Microsoft SQL Server. He focuses on being an expert at Extended Events, SQL Audit and Query Store to assist in performance and monitoring of servers. Dan started in SQL in 2013 and has never backed down from learning since then. It was like finally finding his true niche, but he had to hit the ground hard and fast to be able to catch up. He is currently President of the Kansas City SQL Servers User Group and is an active speaker/participant of SQL Saturdays. He treasures being in the SQL community that has been helping him grow as a professional and thus, he wants to serve it in return. He has a passion for travel and loves learning about new culture and trying food from around the world with his wife.