April Webinar: “But It Worked In Dev!” SQL Server Performance for Developers

Wednesday, April 21
2 p.m. Eastern on Microsoft Teams

If you’ve ever found yourself saying in disbelief, “But it worked in dev!”, this webinar session is for you. For many developers, writing T-SQL that works is not the challenge. But too often, functional T-SQL is not the same as good T-SQL. 

Randy Knight, SSG Founder and Principal Consultant, examines why “SQL that works” is not good enough. Understanding indexes, execution plans, sargability, and more are all critical to writing good T-SQL. This DBA-level will webinar also examine several real-world examples of T-SQL that “worked great in dev” but caused major issues when it hit production.

Randy founded SQL Solutions Group in October 2010, after more than 20 years in the technology industry. Randy has a passion for solving what can seem to others to be insurmountable problems. His prowess with SQL Server earned him the label “database whisperer” from one satisfied customer. 

He is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Master in SQL Server 2008. In 2020 he completed certification for Azure Fundamentals. In addition, he has numerous Novell, Microsoft, and Cisco legacy certifications. Prior to founding SSG, he spent many years as a Database Administrator in a variety of industries, including financial services, telecommunications, and with well-known dot com properties.

As a data professional, Randy says he has done lots of fun stuff, encountering the
most interesting data during his time as database architect for match.com
(and no, he didn’t meet his wife while working there).

In addition to getting elbow-deep in data, Randy enjoys taking part in and presenting at SQL
Server events nationwide, including SQLSaturday, User Groups, SQL PASS Rally
and SQL PASS Summit.