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My life in IT started as a programmer in 1981. In 1996, I transitioned to Database Administration, and I’ve been working with SQL Server ever since (starting with 6.5). Before joining SSG, I spent 15 years in healthcare, including 3M HealthCare and Huntsman Cancer Institute, as a programmer and DBA. While at Huntsman, I had the most rewarding project of my career—helping a doctor gather data from many different sources, leading to a major discovery in breast cancer treatment. That’s the power of good data management. I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Westminster College and I always welcome the chance to learn new things, which is why I’m working on SQL certifications.

A Faster Way to Migrate SQL Server Instances!

I have had to migrate SQL Server instances many times over the years. Sometimes as part of an upgrade from one version to another, and other times just to move to new/bigger better hardware. In my current situation, the client wants to virtualize all of their SQL Server instances. Most of their database servers are already virtualized, […]

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What is a DBA Worth?

The value of a DBA can vary depending on numerous factors. Something that should be easy to answer is: what is a DBA worth?

If you follow industry trends at all, or if you have been in the situation where you were attempting to hire an experienced DBA, you no doubt are aware of the shortage […]

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Unplug Now! Is it Possible?

At this very moment, as I write this, I am visiting my daughter and my grand kids for Christmas. I am on “vacation.” I have been on vacation for a week, and will continue to be on vacation for another week. However, I have carried my phone with me the entire time, even while at […]

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T-SQL Tuesday #61– Giving Back!

The subject for this T-SQL Tuesday is Giving Back. I have been a taker in the SQL community for many years.

In 2012 I went to my first PASS Summit (you know, the year with the nice Ogio bags). I was duly impressed with the quality, quantity, and variety of presentations available for the attendees. I learned […]

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‘Twas the night before the upgrade…

‘Twas the night before the upgrade, when all through the place
Not a backup was working, “there’s not enough disk space”;
The software was compiled and packaged with care,
In hopes that some QA was actually done there.
I called the PM and he proceeded to shout,
“You’re the DBA, you figure it out!”
When out of the lunchroom there arose […]

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What the FK? Your Foreign Keys May Not Be Performing Like They Should

Query Optimizer Tips and Tricks Part 2

This is the second installment in a continuing series of articles on things to look for and change that will help your query optimizer perform at its best.  If you missed part one, you can read it here.

Okay, now that you know about trusted vs. non-trusted check constraints, let’s […]

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Query Optimizer Tips and Tricks Part 1: Trusted vs. Non-Trusted Constraints

Query Optimizer Part 1
It may come as a surprise to you to find out that at its core, the SQL Server Query Optimizer is like a jealous lover. How so? The optimizer doesn’t trust the constraints on your data until you prove to it that your data is trustworthy! Why do you care? Because if the […]

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Moving Databases to New Drives: A Real-world Case Study Involving 120 Databases

Moving databases is a common enough task for the DBA, and there are multiple ways to move physical database files from one drive to another. Depending on your preference, you can either use the DETACH/ATTACH method:


Or you can use the ALTER DATABASE method:

Whichever method you prefer, these work great when you are moving databases, especially […]

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