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As a Microsoft Certified Master/Microsoft Certified Solutions Master and Microsoft SQL Server MVP, I have 19 years’ experience in the technology industry, including more than 10 with SQL Server. I also earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Information Systems from Utah State University. One of the highlights of my career was co-authoring SQL Server 2012 T-SQL Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach. I am a frequent presenter at SQL Server events worldwide, which includes SQLSaturdays and User Groups. I am also currently helping lead the Las Vegas SQL Users Group.​I love finding that magic turbo button to make queries go faster which ultimately leads to huge relief and satisfaction for the client. I have done that sort of work for clients of all sizes throughout the world. I have experience with multi-TB databases as well as environments with thousands of SQL Server instances to manage.

What Sessions are Deployed?

As a DBA, it is not uncommon to feel like you are marooned off on some tiny little island trying to figure things out for yourself. It may even be very common to feel the icy pain of the development cold shoulder (intentional or not) as you go about doing your duties to protect the […]

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Recently a friend by the name of Chris Bell (blog | twitter) wrote about an easy way to disrupt SQL Server.  That disruption comes in the form of the SHUTDOWN TSQL command.  You can read what Chris wrote from his article here.

Granted, you do need to have elevated permissions such as sysadmin, serveradmin or securityadmin. […]

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The Interview Trick Question

Today, I am diverging from the more technical posts that I routinely share. Instead, as the title suggests, I want to dive into a something a little more fun: the interview trick question.

Anybody that has interviewed for a job has most likely run into the trick question. Some interviewers like to throw out multiple trick […]

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Quick Permissions Audit

Whether it is for a client, an audit, or just for good housekeeping, DBAs will often need to figure out who has access to what.  In addition, they may need to know by what means people have access within your databases. Enter the permissions audit.

When that need arises, it is frequently adequate to just perform […]

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How To: XEvents as Profiler

A common excuse for not delving into extended events seems to be the jump from Profiler to extended events (aka XEvents).  There appears to be an inherent fear with how to use extended events.  In addition to that fear, is the fear that extended events does not do what Profiler can do so easily.

Today, I […]

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How to: File Target use in Extended Events

I have been doing a lot of posts of late about extended events but have failed to share some of the essential building blocks, such as the use of the file target. I am not looking to do a series of definitions, but just share a couple of quick tips and examples here and there that […]

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An Extended Events Trifecta

When working with Extended Events, there are times when a little more information is, well, helpful.  You know you want to use extended events to try and monitor for a specific thing to happen.  But sometimes you don’t know if there is an event for that “thing”, or maybe you don’t know if there is […]

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Database Ghost Records

Yes Virginia, there are ghosts in your database.  More specifically, there are SQL Server database ghost records.  They are not there to haunt you.  They are not there just for this holiday season (speaking of Halloween Month).

How can there be ghosts in the database?

Why would there be ghosts in the database?

Do they happen because somebody […]

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Encrypting a Database Never Finishes

There is plenty of legislation and regulation in place these days that strongly suggest encrypting a database. In SQL Server, we have the ability to comply with these regulations in a couple of different ways.  We can choose to encrypt at the column level or we can choose to encrypt the entire database using TDE […]

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Missing Indexes Script v2

Frequently we hear the analogy that <insert item here> are like opinions, everybody has one and not all of them are good (some may stink).
Well, this may just be another one of those <items>.  Whether it stinks or not may depend on your mileage. It’s a missing indexes script.
I had shared a similar script back […]

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