Spring may be only weeks away, officially, but the weather is plenty chilly in North Dakota. And Fargo, North Dakota, is where Jared Kirkpatrick, our newest SQL consultant, finds himself this week.

People go to Fargo all the time. Don’t they? But for Jared, this trip has  involved some serious weather whiplash. When he departed his home in Tampa, the temperature was 84.4 (29.1 Celsius).  When he arrived Tuesday evening in Fargo, he was greeted with a chilly -8 (-22.2).

Here’s what he saw Wednesday morning (look at that windchill!):

SQL Consultant braves Fargo weather


Regarding his own experience with “climate change,” Jared asks, “Have all of these people been here longer than one winter?” What a profound thought.

Jared’s commitment to helping SSG clients with their SQL Server needs isn’t too surprising. It’s what we do, rain or shine, howlingly hot or frighteningly frigid.

While in the military, when given the choice of “northern exposure training” (a two-week winter survival training on a glacier) or go to SEER (Search Evaluate Escape Recon, i.e., POW school) for three weeks, he chose SEER. But he’s adapting, the way any professional SQL consultant would, and getting on with the job.

“The only jacket I own is my finisher jacket from Ironman Cozumel, and there’s not much need for warm jackets in Cozumel,” Jared says. “As for gloves, the only ones I own are a pair of Nike running gloves. All my other gloves have the fingers cut off.”