SQLSaturday #222 Sacramento–Ben Miller

Ben Miller, a SQL Server MVP, Microsoft Certified Master and Principal Consultant at SQL Solutions Group, shared two presentations at the Sacramento SQLSaturday event on July 27.

SMO Internals for High Performance PowerShell

Ever wanted to know what happens in SQL Server when you use PowerShell and SMO to manage a SQL Server? How fast can your automation really go? I will take you through the most common objects in SMO and the internals of what happens when you use those objects. We will examine the TSQL that is generated, and learn techniques that lead to high efficiency. We will dive deep through the collections that make SMO the powerful tool it is. Combining the flexibility of PowerShell and SMO Internals is a recipe for awesome sauce. Come peek behing the curtain and squeeze the speed out of your automation scripts using PowerShell and SMO. You’ll be glad you did.

“SQL LogShipping with PowerShell”

SQL Server LogShipping is an option to keep a copy of a database on another site. It is also a way to have a read-only copy of a database on another server for reporting, etc. This session will cover going outside the box and using PowerShell to backup, ship, and restore the database backups to another server. This has been used to LogShip over the internet and over an FTP infrastructure. This session is intended to show the possibilities of PowerShell and SQL Server together. There will be full end-to-end demos of the pieces that make this possible.

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Date(s) - 07/27/2013
12:00 AM

Patrick Hays Learning Center